Online Publicity Services

Services Offered

Here are a few reasons Why hire the Glamourpreneurs Implementation Services?

 We help Business Owners Go Beyond Advertising Dollars!!  

 Advertising is great! It tells the client about your NEXT SPECIAL; However what happens if that client goes online and googles you, and finds a forum specifically dedicated to all of the NEGATIVE experiences people have had with your company? How would you handle that?

How about if a potential client googles you and see’s where there is no one else that has EVER written up anything about you other than what YOU wrote? No 3rd party validation?

Third party validation is really important, someone else that is reputable with a large following has featured positive things about you and your company! Or this 3rd party has feautured Your, advise, tips, tools, techniques, and Educational Information in their News sites!

 We are the ONLY Online Publicity Boutique that guarantees that you will stay in MAJOR ONLINE NEWS over and over again, which will make YOU the Celebrity of your Niche!  

 In addition to this:

  • We Increase Your online Social Media Following
  • We help you engage with ideal clients via Education & Information
  • We Publish Your Articles and Footage to Major Online News Rooms & Forums
  • We Publish Press Releases on your Behalf!
  • We write your Press Release
  • We guarantee that your Press Release gets picked up by Major News
  •  We Keep  your Business BUZZ WORTHY
  • We help your audience, know, trust and Like You!
  • We help you further your BRAND & Expand your Brand!
  • We help you Stand Out & Market to your IDEAL Clients! 
  • We Educate our clients on the Importance of ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT!

We hear so many brick & mortar business owners complain about the challenges of Running the Day to Day Operations of their business. We have heard how they are overwhelmed with learning about the Online World and how keeping up with Online Social Media Posting and Engagement is great but can’t seem to find the time to do it consistently.

 We as Celebritypreneurs and Publictypreneurs know the importance of businesses staying in the NEWS and engaging with potential clients online and the importance of Online Reputation. The Online world is the New Reputation Spotlight for many business owners, we educate our clients on how your business image can take a negative hit if its not pro-active in how its presented and viewed online.

                         GUARANTEED MEDIA COVERAGE Online Major News Coverage! 

                      Be the Celebrity Boutique, Spa, Plastic Surgeon, Hair Salon and more!

 In addition to Celebrity Services We also offer the Following:

Administrative Services

• Blog Posts

Press Release Writing

Press Release Distrubution

• Twitter Tweets

 • Video Creation

• Ezine Management and Design

• Facebook, Twitter or Linked In Setup

• Twitter Tweet Posting / Scheduling

• Facebook Event Posting

• Website/Blog Maintenance

 Blog & Web Design

• Blog Site Design (Includes installation, customization, graphic design, plug-in/widget configuration, integration of list building and addition of up to 10 pages of content that you provide).

• Ezine/Newsletter Design and Setup

• Opt-In Page Setup and Design

• Sales Page Design

• Website Design

Graphic Design

• E-Book Graphics

• Logos

• Twitter Background

• Web Graphics

• YouTube Background

Please email us so we can design your specific Online Publicity Plan for your companies needs!


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