Welcome To

The “Glamourpreneur” Signature International Online Publicity Boutique!

We are a Business to Business Company that services

The Brick & Mortar Trendy Fashionista & Beautypreneurs!

We are a MAJOR Online Publicity & Internet Social Media Celebrity Boutique!

We Enhance your Brand, Automate Your Marketing, Put you In Online Major NEWS and Increase Your Social Media Engagement &  Following!

What is a Trendy Fashionista?

Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, Ca
Betstey Johnson
Trendy Sexy Boutiques Celebrities shop in
A Sexy exclusive Shoe Line that has its own Store you can find in West Hollywood, CA or New York City or Italy or France Or London, and beyond!

What is a Beautypreneur? A Beautypreneur is the following:

A Plastic Surgeon
A Luxury Spa
A Hairdresser
A Weight loss Clinic
A Cosmetic Dentist
A Cosmetic Company
A High End Anti-Aging Company
A Clothing Designer

Get the drift? We help our clients get as much 3rd party validation as humanly possible ONLINE and position them for STAR STATUS Offline.

We take our Clients beyond Advertising

Journalist Tip: When major major News or Entertainment Companies are looking for experts to Interview about a procedure or clothing design or something a celebrity has done. They go online to full fill their stories. One of the first things they do, is GOOGLE THE KEY word.

They then pick the “Expert” that comes up on the first page of Google!  They then Google the expert! Guess who gets the CHEESE? The Expert that has already been picked up in the NEWS ONLINE!

The Expert that already has credibility. The Expert that another MAJOR news source that they trust like YAHOO NEWS, CNN, ABC news affiliates has already talked about.

But there’s MORE!

They also go and check out your TWITTER and Facebook Fan page to see HOW MANY FOLLOWERS AND FANS YOU HAVE!! After all it does go back to ratings!

But there’s MORE! They also check to see if there are Informational, Educational Articles written about you, or by you on your blog!

But there’s MORE! They also check to see if there are any VIDEOS about you or samples of your service to see!

Get the drift? This is where we come in! Go beyond Advertising and doing what your competitor does in the Phone Book, or the Advertisement Mailers!

Online Publicity and Engagement is Critical to your business growth. As long as your in business you should be Showing up and Showing out ONLINE & In the News!

Book your consultation with one of our Glamourpreneurs today to get started! info@glamourpreneur.com


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