If your not making any money in your business, maybe your brand is not sexy enough!

Sexy is a feeling, its Confidence, its Power, its Certainty. Think about those words. Now think about your brand. Does the word confidence, power, certainty ringing a bell? Is it moving you to action? Here are a few ways to tell if your brand is sexy enough for you to take action.

Do you feel so much power in your brand and business that no matter what, every single day you are taking money making actions to share your gift/brand with the world? Are you marketing every day? Are you making sales calls every day? Are you doing the work present clients pay you to do every day? Those are money making actions. Is your brand so sexy that it is driving you to do these things EVERY SINGLE DAY? If not, check out your brand.

A Sexy brand could be a Shoe or a bag, you know that no matter what, one day your going to save enough money to get that shoe, or pocketbook. That brand moved you  into action to spend your money!

Do you operate your brand from Certainty? Does your brand make you certain that you can make bold statements about how Powerful it is to solve a specific problem, change a life, or make things easier for the consumer? Is your brand sexy enough to say “WE ARE THE BEST, THE ONE, THE ONLY?” If not think about that and re-visit your brand.

Does your brand tickle you, make you happy, spark and inspire your wonder, amazment or inner child? That is a sexy brand if it does.

When you thought about designing your brand did you stop and think about the feeling or the experience you wanted your consumer to have? That is a great way to start thinking designing your brand as well.

Bottom line, your brand has to be sexy enough to move you into action. You hear the saying “Sex Sells”. So should your brand!

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