Advertising VS. Public Relations

Advertising is for a specific sale, a specific item, a specific thing and the client is paying for the space in that specific magazine, coupon.

Public Relations is NEWS, MEDIA, buzz, Advertisement, 3rd party NEWS sources giving a story, and building Reporse and Relations around your business your brand, your product your service.

Advertisement is yelling and making promises, and bottom line results.

Public Relations is making you a Celebrity in a Specific Niche in News Publications.

Public Relations makes you stand out, and stay ahead of your competitors in Population.

Pubic Relations is building a Relationship with the Public and Your Audience!

Public Relations adds story telling and giving free information and education to your client!


Why Your Local Business should be on number 1 on Google Search Engine

If you are a business owner, Spa, Boutique, Cosmetologist,  lawyers, accountants, doctors, plumbers, or electricians, then you realize that how crucial it is to ensure that your business can be found, whenever someone is searching. This usually means that finding your advertisement in the local yellow pages, ads on local TV and radio, and placing ads in local publications like newspapers and magazines.

However, a large number of business owners feel the internet can’t be very useful for them, mainly because it’s suitable exclusively for worldwide searches. But this just isn’t TRUE. The web can still be tremendously advantageous even to very small local businesses.

The percentage of people who have access to the internet is increasing at a spectacular rate, and several of those people are utilizing the web to analyze companies within their local area. If you don’t have an internet presence and your rivals do, then you definitely losing out on a lot of business!

Do you know that Google is the largest search engine among other search engines, which includes Yahoo, Bing etc. with an estimated 75 – 85% market shares. Most of your online efforts need to be focused on making certain your business has a visible presence in this search engine.

Local search results show up on top of the results, prior to the standard results are shown. Which means that they obtain a lot of attention, often much more compared to actual search results. Although this can be achieved by developing a website for your company and utilizing search engine optimization methods, it might take a few weeks or even months before your website ranks good and begins to see significant amounts of website traffic. However, if you’re in a highly-competitive market, then you might never be able to make it there. Thankfully, local search makes it simple to grab a top ranking in Google quickly.

The ideal way to ensure that your business has a good presence is through the usage of Google Places. If you’ve ever performed a search for a local business on Google, you’ve probably observed the Google Places listings on top of the search results. They appear just before the standard results, which makes them especially rewarding. It’s very important to ensure that your business has a presence over the web, so that if a user clicks the name of the company of the number of reviews, they’re taken to that company’s business page. There’s a map that displays the company’s location, reviews and photos, business hours, and more.

This feature is very helpful to users, simply because they can easily and simply discover the local businesses that have what they’re searching for. It’s also ideal for those businesses, because they can get a top listing in Google without having to spend months pushing their website there the old-fashioned way. So, if you’re not taking benefit of Google Places, then you’re definitely missing a lot of business as well as profit. In some instances, a listing in Google Places could possibly double your business!

Glamourpreneur Kimberly Jessy has a Fabulous Sit Down with the FAMOUS MTV Star Casey Reinhardt of Caseys Cupcakes & Cappucino!

This is why I love what I do! I get to talk to the most FABULOUS Famous Couture Business Owners that are literally living their Dreams and sharing it with the world! I had sooo much fun sitting down with Casey Reinhardt at her O SO GLAM Cupcake Boutique! Casey’s Cupcakes which is now open in IRVINE, CA! This is the 3rd location for for Casey! Casey opened her first Cupcake Boutique while she was till attending Pepperdine persuing her Undergrad!

Casey comes from a strong line of Powerhouse women that makes being in the kitchen look HOLLYWOOD GLAM! Casey took up baking from her wonderful grandmother that seemed like everything a little girl could ever dream of in a Grandmother with a Fairy God mother twist! Why a Fairy God Mother, because Casey took her early desire and love for baking cupcakes with Grandma, joined with her Beautiful Mother, (Move over Kim K Mom)! and got her Father’s support as well as her step dad’s blessings and started her MOGUL CUPCAKE EMPIRE!

During the interview with Casey her mom was supportive warm, nurturing, friendly and down to earth, while looking like a Hollywood Starlet herself! Casey and her family takes Brains, Beauty, Business, Family, Values, home cooking with the BEST INGREDIENTS on the planet to another level.

This story is one of those stories that makes a girl say, “I WANT TO BE LIKE HER WHEN I GROW UP” But wait! There’s more!

Casey also has her C.A.S.E.Y foundation where she gives back! how cool is that? Very seldom today Glamour Business really incorporate, the wholesome values of Faith, Family, Finance and giving back all wrapped up in Fabulocity!!

Learn more about Casey here in the meantime! I had the BEST BIRTHDAY wish a girl could ask for! A 6 pack box of Casey’s Cupcakes in her wonderful packaging and branding!! I loved the fact that Casey’s Cupcakes felt like a Boutique and a Wonderland for Girls and Cupcakes!

Casey you have a new Fan!! Love it!! Join Casey’s facebook page here

Listen to the Interview with Kimberly Chatting with Casey!! here